The Male Package Enhancer (MPE)

The MPE is a molded cup, similar to a baseball protective cup, with the added feature of a large, impressive penis overlying the cup.  When a man wears the MPE under bathing suit, shorts, or pants, it produces ​​a huge and breathtaking bulge in just the right area to provide the appearance of a very large, well-endowed man.  One cup size fits all.  

​​The MPE is made of a firm but lightweight material that is very comfortable to wear. It can be worn all day if desired.  The ventilation slats on the sides of the cup allow the man's natural anatomy to "breathe" underneath.  It can be worn in the included elastic supporter (check the correct waist size when ordering) or on its own.  The MPE gives you 7 inches of raw power in your pants!

​​Let's face it: Confidence is sexy.  Having an impressive, bulging crotch projects masculinity and sexual prowess in the eyes of most observers.  Unlike dangerous pills and stretching devices, the MPE is safe, painless and effective.  With the MPE, you'll be sure to catch the eye of that special someone!  It dramatically improves your chance of getting that phone number.
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Patent #640040​ and other patents pending​